May 19, 2019

5 Tips On Caring For Your Invisalign Aligners

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aligners in a caseThere’s nothing more exciting than thinking about the last day you’ll have to wear your Invisalign aligners and you can finally reveal your new-and-improved smile. After years of your misaligned and crooked teeth impacting your self-esteem, you’re ready to show off a great grin. Don’t let your oral hygiene suffer while you’re undergoing treatment, though. In order to maintain a healthy smile, it’s important to look after your Invisalign aligners. Read on for 5 tips on cleaning your trays.

Soak Your Aligners Daily

Soaking your aligners every day to sterilize and keep them clear is vital. You can use special Invisalign cleaning solutions, denture cleaner, or a 50/50 mix of water and vinegar. Soak your trays for 30 minutes every day. Afterward, use a soft toothbrush to gently brush away any remaining plaque or food particles before you place them back in your mouth.

Brush And Floss Often

Every time you remove your aligners to eat, drink, or do any kind of activity, be sure to brush and floss your teeth before you put them back in your mouth. If food particles get trapped between your teeth and gums, it can cause cavities and dental decay. The same thing goes with stain-causing beverages—they’ll cause your trays to get cloudy. Make sure to also floss at least once every day to remove lodged food, plaque, and tartar from between your teeth.

Don’t Leave Your Trays Exposed To The Air

Be sure to bring your case everywhere you go, so that each time you take your aligners out to eat or drink, you can safely store them to keep them clean. Not only will this keep you from losing them, but it also protects them from lingering germs and bacteria.

Cleaning Your Aligners

To protect your aligners from becoming scratched or discolored, it’s best to avoid cleaning them with toothpaste or abrasive products. Instead, use a soft-bristled toothbrush and clear antibacterial soap. You can also use a 50/50 hydrogen peroxide and water mixture and soak them for 30 minutes. Another option to keep them clean and keep them practically invisible is to create a 50/50 vinegar and water solution and soak them while you’re eating. Be sure to rinse them after you’ve cleaned them and before you put them back in your mouth. While they may taste a bit like vinegar or peroxide at first, it’ll wear away quickly.

Frequently Rinsing Your Trays

It’s important to regularly rinse your trays to clear them of harmful bacteria, food debris, and plaque. Be sure to do this in the morning, at night, and every time you take them out of your mouth to keep them from becoming a thriving environment for bacteria to grow in. Be sure to use cool water when you clean and rinse them because they are made from a flexible plastic material.

The most important thing while you’re undergoing treatment is to establish a regular cleaning routine to keep your aligners and mouth healthy. Getting used to a system early in your treatment process will make it easier for you to develop great habits. If you have any questions about tips on how to keep your aligners in great condition, you can also speak to your Arlington dentist.

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