January 22, 2016

Dental emergency? Your Arlington dentist can see you today

arlington dentistWhen you’ve got a dental emergency, the team at Allheart Dental knows you deserve better than to wait in pain while your dentist’s office tries to “work you in” for an appointment. That’s why we’re so proud to offer same day appointments for dental emergencies! So the next time you or a loved one are suffering from an urgent dental situation, contact us at (972) 672-0896 in Red Oak, or at our  Arlington emergency dental office at (817) 778-9822.

Keep calm and call Allheart Dental

Maybe you can’t plan for a dental emergency, but you can help yourself be a little more prepared when one pops up. How’s that? By learning the next steps to take in each of the most common emergency situations. Keep reading for stay-calm tips from the team at Allheart Dental.

#1: Find missing tooth (or its parts)

When you’re dealing with a knocked-out tooth, it’s important to locate the missing part (or parts) to increase the chances that it can be successfully reattached. Rinse off any dirt and debris with warm water, being careful not to touch the tooth’s root in the process. You can store the tooth in the cheek or in a cup of milk until you can reach the dentist’s office.

#2: Stop the bleeding

If you’re dealing with a serious cut or injury in the soft tissue of the mouth, try to stop bleeding by applying gentle pressure with a clean cloth or gauze. But if heavy bleeding persists after 15 minutes, head straight to the emergency room. For areas that have been bruised, ice can help manage pain and reduce swelling.

#3: Manage the pain

For a severely aching tooth, pain can be reduced with an over-the-counter medication like Aleve or Tylenol. Make sure you never apply pain reliever directly to the tooth or gum, though, as this can cause severe burns.

#4: Temporarily reattach lost hardware

Until you can make it to the Allheart Dental office, you can usually reattach lost hardware like a dental crown with toothpaste or dental adhesive (but never with real glues). Keep in mind it’s only a temporary fix, but can be effective if you can’t make it to the dentist immediately after losing a crown.

Prepare yourself by programming our number into your phone!

The most important thing to remember during a dental emergency is to keep calm — and having Allheart Dental’s number right at your fingertips can help you avoid panicking! Remember that our Red Oak number is (972) 635-4659, and our Arlington office can be reached at (972) 635-4623. Call us quickly and we’ll see you on the same day — because we know when you’re dealing with a dental emergency, time is of the essence!

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