February 22, 2018

Don’t Pull Your Child’s Loose Tooth! Call Your Children’s Dentist in Arlington

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Young girl with missing toothNothing is more exciting than your child’s first loose tooth. It is a special right of passage as the anticipation builds for their first visit from the Tooth Fairy. As you wait for it to fall out, it may seem like it is taking too long. You may feel as though it may need a little help. Although pulling out teeth at home is a common practice, your children’s dentist in Arlington may advise against the old “door knob and string” trick. Instead, there may be a safer and more effective means to help the tooth along.

Your Child’s Loose Tooth

Your child’s primary teeth have served an important role since the day they erupted through the surface of the gum. They have helped them learn how to chew and speak while also acting as placeholders for their adult teeth. Around the age of 6, they will have served their purpose and will begin to fall out.

Generally, you can expect your child to lose their teeth in the order they came in. When a tooth becomes loose, its roots are starting to dissolve, which is a painless process. Eventually, they will deteriorate to the point that it becomes loose enough to fall out on its own. However, some teeth may appear to be a bit stubborn. To help it along, you may be tempted to try to remove it on your own, but your kid’s dentist in Arlington will warn against their age-old tradition.

Don’t Pull Your Child’s Tooth

If your child is around the age of 6 or 7 and has recently had a tooth become loose, it is natural to think that the permanent tooth is starting to come in, but this is not always the case. It may be loose due to trauma or an infection. If that is the case, you should never pull it. Instead, visit your dentist to prevent causing damage to the permanent one underneath.

When the tooth is ready to come out, it is always best to let it occur naturally. It will come out when it is ready—even if it takes several months. If you begin to tug or pull the tooth before it is time, it will cause your child unnecessary pain. In addition, it can cause trauma and potential infection to the gum tissue.

When in Doubt, Call Your Dentist

In most cases, your child’s loose tooth will fall out on its own; however, if it seems to be taking too long or you are becoming concerned, contact your dentist for an appointment. They will evaluate the tooth and the structure of its roots to ensure that there are no complications brewing beneath the surface.

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