October 21, 2016

Children’s Dentist in Red Oak Answers Parents’ Questions

Keeping kids’ teeth healthy is no mystery. Read answers to questions about children’s dentistry from your dentist in Red Oak at Allheart Dental Care.A huge part of raising kids is having the right information–particularly where their health is concerned. Your children’s dentist at Allheart Dental Care in Red Oak want you to know all about young teeth and how best to take care of them. These caring professionals desire to partner with parents in keeping young smiles bright and strong.

Common Questions about Kids’ Teeth

When will my baby start getting teeth? Most infants receive their bottom central incisors when they are six to eight months old.  Teething can be uncomfortable, but little ones adapt to this important developmental milestone. The dentists at Allheart Dental Care want to see your baby when that first tooth erupts or by his or her first birthday.

What does a first dental visit involve? Babies sit on Mom’s or Dad’s lap in the dental chair while the doctor takes a quick look at little teeth and gums. This visit gets the child used to the dental office, and its sights and sounds. Then, as a toddler, the child gets a full exam with inspection for decay and gum disease, a thorough, but gentle, cleaning and X-rays as appropriate. The dentist counts teeth and looks at how they are developing and lining up in the mouth.

How often should we brush and floss? The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends twice daily brushing with a soft brush and once a day brushing for both kids and adults. This oral hygiene habit removes harmful plaque,  keeping tooth surfaces shining and breath fresh. Parents should brush babies’ and toddlers’ teeth for them and supervise older kids until age eight or so.

Is limiting sugar and carbs important? Yes, it is, but so is promoting high fiber, protein and calcium choices, along with several servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Eight glasses of water a day washes teeth and gums and encourages saliva production.

Should my child wear a mouthguard? If he or she is involved with sports, the answer is yes. These customized acrylic guards prevent many dental emergencies.

When should my child have an orthodontic evaluation? The American Association of Orthodontists says to get one by age 7. Red Oak children’s dentists use interceptive care–in other words, optimizing the dramatic changes in a child’s growth to achieve a well-aligned and healthy smile.

What happens if my child is nervous about dental visits? At Allheart Dental, the doctors and their friendly staff work hard to create a patient-friendly environment, especially for kids. The office is a bright and happy place with a special kids’ area, blankets and Ipads with games! For lengthy restorations or when a child is simply scared, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) works well to relax the young patient so he or she can get treatments done easily and comfortably.

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For the best in children’s dentistry, contact Allheart Dental Care for an appointment. We would be honored to take care of your entire family’s oral health needs.  We have three locations to serve you!

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