March 25, 2019

At What Age Should Your Child See an Orthodontist In Arlington?

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Child with braces only on bottom front teethAround 75% of children need orthodontic care by the time they reach their teen years. Braces have been successfully used for many decades and provide reliable, predictable results for kids and adults alike. Regardless of what kind of bite or alignment issues your child has, braces can help! However, many parents aren’t sure what age their kids should get braces. In this blog, you’ll find out when you should schedule a consultation with an orthodontist in Arlington to make sure your child gets treatment at the best time for them. Learn more below!

What’s the Right Age For Braces?

Every child develops differently, so this can vary depending on your child’s needs. The best way to know is to schedule regular checkups because a dentist will automatically monitor your child’s teeth, bite, and jaw alignment at these visits.

In many cases, they’ll recommend a consultation with an orthodontist between ages 7-8. In some cases, early interventions can be made to prevent more serious issues later. This could be the use of a special retainer or braces that are placed on the front teeth only for a short time.

By having a consultation, you’ll be able to schedule the type of orthodontic treatment that will benefit your child the most as they get older.

What Is an Orthodontic Consultation Like?

Consultations are an opportunity for an orthodontist in Arlington to gather the information they need to create a treatment plan that fits your child’s needs perfectly.

First, they’ll review your child’s dental history and visually examine their teeth and jaws. They may also take images and impressions so they can further evaluate the teeth and bone structure.

Finally, they’ll ask questions so they can understand your needs and goals and recommend the best treatment option, either now or later on.

How Can You Choose the Right Orthodontist?

These days, everyone is busy, so convenience is a big consideration. It’s helpful if you choose an orthodontist who is part of a multiple-provider practice so you can take care of your child’s dental and orthodontic needs all in one place.

From there, spend some time reading through their website. Then either schedule a consultation or checkup for your child so you can meet the dentist or orthodontist. This way, you’ll get a sense of the kind of care they provide and can ask any questions before proceeding with treatment.

Getting orthodontic care at the right time is a great way to set your child up for having a healthy, beautiful smile as an adult. And scheduling a consultation is the first step!

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