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Dental implants are biocompatible titanium posts implanted into the jawbone that replace teeth roots and act as an anchor for crowns. Are you looking for a reliable solution to replace missing teeth or extractions? Consider Allheart Dental in Dallas, TX, and their dental implants – the perfect option to restore your natural teeth and confident smile. A dental implant procedure is ideal for anyone with missing or irreparable teeth. Backed by five decades of research and boasting a success rate above 95%, you can trust that these procedures will help restore your smile!

Dental Implants in Dallas Options

Single Tooth Replacement

Replace your missing or damaged teeth in just one dental visit at Allheart Dental with a single implant! Not only are implanted highly successful, but we also provide lasting results that will keep you smiling for years to come. It’s no wonder why these single-tooth replacements have become the go-to option for many looking to maintain their beautiful smile. Book an appointment for your dental implant placement with our dental implant specialist in Dallas today!

Multi-Tooth Replacements

If you’re missing more than one tooth, dental implants can be a great solution. Multi-tooth replacements are similar to bridges and often involve three or more teeth in the same area being removed. When it comes to replacing multiple teeth with implants there are two options: multiples “single-unit” implants with crowns for each space or an implant bridge that is held together by two or more implants! Whatever your needs may be, dental implants offer long-lasting support and look natural too!

Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures are a reliable and secure substitute for conventional denture plates. Unlike regular denture plates, implant-supported versions stay firmly in place while you eat or speak, providing an uninterrupted row of teeth along the top or bottom part of your jawline. Comfortably fitting for daily use and able to replace multiple rows simultaneously when needed, implant-supported dentures offer a more robust solution for those seeking long-lasting dental solutions.

Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures and Good Oral Health

The advantages of implant-supported dentures are multiple and can be seen in the satisfaction experienced by patients who have tried these improved versions. Implant dentures provide a permanent option, eliminating the need to take out your teeth for lengthy cleaning periods each day.


Implant-supported dentures offer a range of advantages to patients, including the ability to brush and floss them just like natural teeth. With less synthetic gum tissue necessary for attachment, they also appear much more lifelike – making it simpler for many to communicate clearly. Best of all? Patients can now enjoy foods that those with traditional dentures typically avoid such as pears, steak, or caramel!

Dental Implant Procedure​

Following a consultation with our experienced dentists, we can determine if dental implants are the right course of action for you. Upon your arrival for the procedure, you will be given anesthesia to ensure that it is as pain-free and effortless as possible. In the first step of this process, our team will place a titanium post into your jawbone which allows healing time so that your bone may naturally connect to the post.


After you’ve completed your healing period, a small abutment or connector post will be attached to the implant to secure your new tooth. On our last visit together, we’ll create an attractive and realistic crown that fits securely onto the connector – these components will form a brilliant natural-looking tooth!

How Do I Get a Dental Implant that Looks like Natural Teeth in Dallas, Texas?

To ensure we create the best possible plan for you, a consultation with our dentists is required. We want to fully analyze your mouth before moving forward and provide the most effective treatment option. If you need an implant due to missing teeth or even just one tooth, don’t hesitate – to reach out today and book an appointment with our experienced team!


Our knowledgeable and experienced oral surgeons, coupled with state-of-the-art materials & dental technology, are devoted to delivering affordable single dental implant and full mouth implant treatments that you won’t find anywhere else. Furthermore, our patient-friendly approach guarantees a pleasant experience throughout your oral health journey – one of the best! Call us today for bone grafting, oral surgery, or other tooth replacement options!


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