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Welcome to Allheart Dental! Located in Irving, Texas, we are devoted to providing exceptional service and crafting an unforgettable experience for each visit. Our mission is simple - make sure you leave with a smile on your face that's healthy as can be. The entire dental family here looks forward to giving you the best care possible and creating enriching experiences for all of our patients.

Have you recently lost teeth and need other tooth replacement options? At Allheart Dental in Irving, TX, we have the answer – dental implants! This advanced technology uses titanium posts to firmly attach your crowns and replace missing tooth roots. Investing in dental implants today ensures that you can enjoy life with a complete smile for years to come! With this groundbreaking method from Allheart Dental, your natural smile can be revived with confidence-boosting results. Don’t hesitate any longer; get back on track to smiling confidently today with their state-of-the-art dental implants!

Searching for the perfect dental implant treatment provider for missing teeth in Irving, TX? Look no further- you’ve found it! With Allheart Dental’s comprehensive dental implant solutions in Irving TX, you can get your smile back. We offer a variety of strategies that cater to different needs and budgets.

Do you lack dental insurance? No worries, Allheart Dental offers premium quality dental care at an affordable cost for both you and your family. You can now access top-notch dentistry in Irving with our flexible payment options! We have a success rate of over 95% coupled with fifty years of study to support the effectiveness of our dental implant services – the perfect solution if you are missing teeth or have damaged ones. Get back that winning smile instantly; with us, confidence that it will work is guaranteed!

Irving Dental Implants Options

Single Tooth Replacement

Transform your smile with a single visit to Allheart Dental for dental implant restorations! With guaranteed success and lasting results, it’s easy to understand why this is the go-to choice for those who want to maintain their beautiful smiles. Schedule an appointment now at our Irving clinic and you’ll be on your way to having custom new teeth in no time! Make sure that you take advantage of this opportunity today and give yourself the gift of enduring confidence through a stunning grin.

Multi-Tooth Replacements

Replacing missing teeth? If so, consider dental implants for the perfect solution. In comparison to bridges, replacing multiple teeth with implants may require extracting three or more in one spot. For restoring a large number of pearly whites using these devices, two options are available: single-unit crowns and posts per area or an implant bridge secured by numerous anchors! With Allheart Dental’s services, you can rest assured that your new smile will be strong yet natural looking too. Don’t wait any longer – take advantage of our replacement solutions today! Contact us now for all your Dental Implant Process FAQs!

Implant-Supported Dentures

When it comes to reliable and resilient dental solutions, implant-supported dentures are a perfect choice. Unlike regular denture plates, these versions remain securely in place when you chat or consume; meaning never again will you have to feel anxious about your teeth sliding out of alignment! With implant-supported dentures, conversing with friends and enjoying your favorite food won’t be accompanied by any concerns.


For reliable and secure dental appliances that can last for years, implant-supported dentures are the ideal choice. Not only do they provide dental implants a comfortable fit but sometimes even multiple rows of teeth can be replaced simultaneously! If you’re looking for comfort, security, and reliability in your next dental device then why look any further? Implant-supported dentures offer all this and more!

Benefits of Dental Implants and Other Dental Services

Those who have chosen to take the plunge with this innovative technology continuously express their admiration for its advantages. Unlike traditional dentures requiring constant removal and cleaning, implant-supported dentures provide a permanent solution for those looking for carefree dental maintenance. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your teeth are securely in place and never need removing!


Implant-supported dentures provide significant benefits for patients—you can brush and floss with ease, just as if they were natural teeth. Plus, the synthetic gum tissue used is reduced to a minimum, making it appear more realistic when speaking! And that’s not all; you now have access to treats like steak, pears, or caramel—something those using traditional dentures would shy away from due to fear of them breaking apart in their mouth. With implant-supported dentures, worrying about missing out on these delicious food items won’t be necessary anymore!

Dental Implant Procedure​

When you come to our professional dentists for advice, they can help you decide if dental implants are the right choice for your unique needs. We make sure that all of the treatment is stress-free and comfortable by administering anesthesia during each procedure! It begins with a titanium post being inserted into your jawbone so it bonds to itself over time. We’re here every step of this journey—our team promises no discomfort or unease will prevent you from achieving success in getting these carefully designed implants!


Once the implant has healed, we will attach a tiny abutment post to secure your beautiful new crown. During our final appointment, you can anticipate an unbelievably realistic and attractive tooth that blends in seamlessly with the rest of your beautiful smile! The expertly crafted combination of components gives off a convincing impression of one perfect natural-looking tooth for everyone to marvel at!

How Do I Get Dental Implants for my Natural Teeth in Irving, Texas?​

Our dental office is committed to providing you with custom-made care that meets your requirements. If you want maximum results for your oral health, book a visit with one of our highly experienced dentists now! During this appointment, we’ll thoroughly examine your mouth and discuss every option accessible so you can make an informed decision on what’s suitable – no matter how many teeth are absent! Don’t put it off any longer – get in touch today and don’t miss out on the amazing service from our friendly staff.


At our practice, we strive to provide top-tier dental services without compromising on quality and affordability. Our highly trained team of professionals is highly skilled in dentistry–we keep up with the most recent materials and technology for single implants or full mouth replacements–and offer the individualized attention that you won’t find anywhere else. Above all, your oral health is paramount to us; so trust that when it comes to taking care of your teeth, you’ll always receive exceptional customer service from our friendly staff!


At Allheart Dental, your comfort and satisfaction are our highest priority. It is our mission to give you an enjoyable experience while taking steps toward improving oral health care. Our comprehensive services cater to all of your needs; from bone grafting or replacement teeth options, we have the answer for you! With us by your side, let’s make sure that both body and mind are in perfect harmony on this journey toward improved smile care. 


Contact us today for your initial dental implant consultation! During your consultation, we’ll inspect your jawbone density and compare it to how many dental implants you’re interested in getting to determine if we recommend getting a bone graft. While this preparatory procedure will add time and money to your treatment plan, it’s essential for maximizing your chances of long-term success!


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