Finest Orthodontics Arlington TX

At Allheart Dental, we want to be the go-to orthodontic practice in Arlington, TX. Our experienced specialists are devoted to offering high-quality care through tailored oral health treatment plans that cater to each patient’s unique needs and desires. When you choose us for traditional braces or any other type of corrective dental procedure, you can trust that excellence will always remain at the forefront of everything we do!


If you want to transform your orthodontic care and confidence for the better, Allheart Dental’s orthodontic services are an absolute must. Everyone – from children to adults – can benefit from our personalized attention that will correct any misalignment of bites or gaps between teeth, resulting in a beautiful smile! Braces have been known to make life-changing differences; don’t let this opportunity pass you by – book now with us so that we may help improve both your dental health and self-confidence like never before!


During your initial consultation, our team will:

  • Closely check for any signs of decay, gum disease, or other potential issues that may need immediate treatment
  • Inspect the progress of your permanent teeth (if they all haven’t erupted yet), as well as examine the current state of your gums and bite
  • Identify existing orthodontic issues, as well as ones that may occur over time
  • Create a individualized treatment plan that addresses your needs ideally and creates a much more uniform look for your teeth.

Kids can express their personalities and stand out from the crowd with traditional braces, picking an array of colored rubber bands that reflect who they are. For adults, especially those in professional fields, more refined treatment options may be desired. Invisalign offers the perfect solution for anyone wanting an amazing smile without having to deal with years of traditional braces. Struggling to obtain the perfect smile? At Allheart Dental, we have a top-notch Invisalign orthodontist in Arlington, TX who specializes in secure and convenient treatment. We are committed to helping you reach your dream aesthetic with minimal fuss or disruption – call us now to book an appointment!

Are there any signs indicating that orthodontic care may be necessary soon?

Don’t hesitate to schedule an orthodontic appointment if you or your child are exhibiting any of the following symptoms. Even though children must visit an orthodontist no later than seven years old, it’s never too late for adults either! Take action now and ensure that all of your family members can receive proper care. Signs of needing professional help, which can apply to both children and adults, include crooked teeth, trouble chewing food properly, overcrowding in the jaw region that could lead to speech issues, and misalignment between the upper and lower jaws where one is higher than the other. Time is of the essence when it comes to recognizing and addressing the symptoms; don’t delay – seek help today!

  • Permanent teeth coming in too soon
  • Clicking or popping of the jaw
  • Problem with chewing
  • Uneven or misaligned teeth


Moreover, if necessary, your dentist can direct you to a dental office for further analysis of any prospective issues that might arise.

Our Dental Office in Arlington is proud to provide orthodontic treatment for patients of all ages!

At Allheart Dental, we are passionate about providing personalized orthodontic care for your family. Our knowledgeable dentists and orthodontists use the most advanced dental technology to craft treatment plans that truly meet each individual’s needs. We understand investing in comprehensive orthodontic services is an investment towards securing a lifetime of beautiful smiles – not only for you or your children but also for future generations! It is our goal to help you realize the smile of your dreams!

Our dental team is passionate about providing personalized treatment that caters to your individual needs. We create a tailored plan for each patient, paying special attention to any misalignments of the teeth and jaw. Have no doubt – our mission is to guarantee solutions that cater precisely to all of your extraordinary demands! Visit our Arlington orthodontists today!

If you're thinking about visiting an orthodontist in Arlington, TX, now is the ideal time to make an appointment! Allheart Dental comes highly recommended and provides quality service!

Regardless of the state of your teeth and occlusion, consulting our accomplished orthodontist is always a wise decision. If you have received a dental recommendation or are feeling any indication of malocclusion, do not wait—schedule an appointment promptly! Even if everything appears fine with your oral health, taking time out for regular check-ups will give you great peace of mind. For those living in Arlington who have busy schedules, don’t worry; we provide initial consultations that won’t take up much of your valuable time. We have the best dentist office in the Texas area, call us for our first consultation on your perfect smile journey!