Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Red Oak & Arlington

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Wisdom teeth, named so because they tend to come in after childhood, are a potentially painful development and could be damaging to teeth alignment if they’re allowed to come in fully without intervention by our dentist at Allheart Dental. These teeth commonly erupt only partially or completely set in the jaw, causing them to become impacted as they develop, which could be damaging to your teeth alignment. In most cases, the earlier our dentists here in Red Oak, TX are able to inspect your wisdom teeth and remove them, the better.

In order to protect the health of your smile, the approach Allheart Dental recommends is having them removed before they have an opportunity to create dental problems. Much like a regular tooth extraction, our experienced dentist at Allheart Dental will be sure to handle the process quickly and safely so as to minimize any discomfort.

Post-Extraction Home Care

Immediately following your extraction procedure, we will ask you to bite on a gauze pad for around 30-45 minutes. This is so a blood clot can form over the affected area, which begins the healing process. If this time passes and bleeding still has not stopped, replace the gauze and bite on the material for another 30 minutes. This may need to be repeated several times. After the clot has successfully formed, please do not suck on straws, smoke, drink alcohol, or brush the teeth next to the extraction site for 72 hours. In addition, refrain from exercise for 24 hours, as this could increase blood pressure and cause unnecessary bleeding.

Patients usually experience some pain and swelling following an extraction. This should subside after 48 hours. In the meantime, an ice pack can be applied to relieve discomfort, and pain medication is also allowed. You can drink fluid and eat soft food on the day of the extraction once you feel comfortable enough to. If heavy bleeding or severe pain continues after 2-3 days have passed, please contact our office.

Schedule Your Appointment with our Dental Team

If you are feeling chronic pain in your teeth and gums, or if your incoming wisdom teeth are adding pressure to your mouth, schedule an appointment with us today so we can examine the problem areas. Our staff is always ready and happy to help and perform these procedures on those who need it. We happily accept all patients who live in Red Oak, Lancaster, Ovilla, Glenn Heights, Desoto, Waxahachie, Ferris, or the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex and beyond. 

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Information

Why Is It Done?
A wisdom tooth is extracted to correct an actual problem or to prevent problems that may come up in the future. When wisdom teeth come in, a number of problems can occur:

How Well It Works

Wisdom tooth removal usually is effective in preventing:

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