Are you accepting new patients?

Always! Simply contact our Red Oak, TX office directly or fill out our convenient “schedule an appointment” form located on the page to reach out to our team. Someone will be in touch shortly, if not immediately, to confirm your appointment. We can’t wait to meet you!

Do you see children?

Of course. At Allheart Dental, we welcome patients of all ages, and we’re always happy to see whole families coming in to receive the personalized attention their smiles need to thrive. With a wide variety of services available, including pediatric dentistry, our Red Oak, TX dentists at Allheart Dental guarantee that we can meet everyone’s needs in a way that’s both convenient and high in quality.

When should I bring in my child for their first check-up?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children first visit the dentist between 6 and 12 months of age. By bringing your son or daughter in for regular visits from a very young age, we can establish a friendly and familiar dental home for them, as well as keep a close eye on any developmental issues that might arise.

How important are baby teeth?

Extremely important! In fact, we consider them to be as important as their permanent teeth. Baby teeth help children learn the vital skills of chewing and speaking, and they hold the space in the jaw for the permanent teeth that are slowly developing underneath the gums. If you experience any concerns or have any questions about your child’s baby teeth, please contact our office.

How important are dental X-rays?

They’re very important. They provide our team at Allheart Dental with vital information that clearly shows us your teeth, their roots, their placement within the jaw, and your facial bones. They also can be used to detect potential issues such as tooth decay and abnormal placement, as well as more effectively plan orthodontic and restorative treatments.

Do you offer emergency care?

Yes! Please contact our Red Oak, TX office right away if you feel that you’ve experienced a dental emergency. We’ll do our best to schedule an appointment for you as soon as possible, usually in the very same day. Please visit our dental emergencies page to learn more!

What’s the difference between silver fillings and white fillings?

While silver (amalgam) fillings are durable and relatively inexpensive, they often require unnecessary removal of healthy tooth structure in order to be securely placed, and patients who receive them typically experience hot-and-cold sensitivity. Additionally, the filling is not very aesthetically pleasing. In recent years, with the improvement in composite resin (tooth-colored) fillings and increasing concerns about the toxicity of amalgam fillings and their potential risk to patients’ overall health, amalgam fillings have become a less popular choice in the dental industry. At Allheart Dental, we use composite resin (tooth-colored) fillings, which blend in naturally with existing teeth and provide good durability when used for small to mid-size restorations.

What kind of insurances do you accept?

We accept virtually every kind of Dental PPO insurance as well as government insurance plans. Please consult a list of our In-Network Partners on our insurance page. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us directly for more detailed information.

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